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About Us

About Us

DAV Media are specialists in aerial filming and photography and use state of the art technology to achieve the best results. DAV Media can provide all ground based video. From interviews, script writing and actors to editing, grading and full productions.

We are one of the few operators that have access to an OSC. (Operational Safety Case) Meaning we can operate down to 10m of people, vehicles, vessels & buildings, not under our control. We can take off and land within 5m.

Therefore operating in congested areas and city centres Is always achievable. We can operate to 1500m distance EVLOS and 750’ from ground level. We can also fly 20m from assemblies over 1000 people.

We provide the client with a safe and professional approach. From planning and risk mitigation to the end product. We ensure the whole experience runs smoothly and safely. Working with the like of Amazon, BBC, ITN, & Channel 4, also various film and production companies, councils and construction PLC’s.

Registered with the CAA and EASA. We hold an OA, GVC and A2 CofC. Fully insured to £10 Million.

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